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Are levels of child support and spousal support in your Illinois divorce still in dispute?

Are you paying too much? Are you receiving too little? Do you need an adjustment of support because of the loss of your job, or declining health?

If you have questions about child support and spousal support, we have the honest, accurate answers you need at Antonietti Law.

Our founder, Charles E. Antonietti, has advocated for divorcing individuals like you, in and out of court, in search of solutions that you can live with, since 1995. We know how to achieve the results you need, and work hard toward your goals from start to finish.

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If a Spousal Maintenance Dispute Is Delaying Your Divorce, We Can Help

Antonietti Law arms you with the information you need for sound decisions on divorcechild custody and visitation, and support legal issues such as:

  • Initial calculations of child support, spousal support and spousal maintenance (alimony), according to state guidelines
  • Post-decree modifications of support levels, due to changing circumstances
  • Enforcement of support obligations
  • Penalties for late payment of support
  • The role of paternity findings and parental rights in child support matters

Child support is income-based to the degree that income, earnings, savings and other financial resources are analyzed. Factors the courts weigh in determining spousal support levels are length of marriage; both spouses’ incomes and earnings capacity; age and health of the divorcing spouses; and their standard of living during the marriage.

For quality legal assistance determining appropriate levels of child support and spousal support for your Illinois family, contact Antonietti & Associates.

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