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Antonietti Law helps people and families with enforcement of child & spousal support orders, as well as all divorce and family law matters. Attorney Charles E. Antonietti is not afraid to aggressively litigate child support matters in court.

Child support enforcement law is a complex part of the law. After the court issues the final divorce decree, both parties are obliged to follow it. Either party can request the court for a modification if circumstances change. However, neither side can ignore the order without consequences.

If you are involved in dispute with your ex over child support, visitation, spousal maintenance, marital property division or any other issue in your divorce decree, contact the attorneys at Antonietti Law for help. We have the skill and knowledge to manage any issue that may arise following your divorce.

Contempt Proceedings And Enforcement Proceedings In Illinois

Common enforcement issues that arise following divorce include:

  • Failure to pay child support, pay maintenance, provide visitation, timely return a child after visitation, disperse marital property, etc.

If your ex spouse has not followed through on any part of your divorce decree, our lawyers can file a contempt of court motion. The court may then send out a written order that your ex spouse must follow. If your ex spouse does not follow through with the written order, the judge may order jail time or a fine until your ex complies.

Lawyers For Child Support Enforcement In Illinois

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