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Parenting is an important role. Illinois law states that even if you did not marry the mother or father of your child, you still have rights when it comes to support and custody.Paternity and parentage cases can be challenging. For example, a child’s birth mother may not want the biological father to be aware of the child. Alternatively, a father may seek paternity testing to increase access to a son or daughter. Mothers may seek out a parent to demand paternity testing in order to receive support.

Illinois Parentage Lawyers – Serving Cook, DuPage & Will Counties

Whatever the paternity issue, the Chicago, Illinois, family law attorneys of Antonietti & Associates can help. We will look at the specifics of your situation, and implement a plan to help you obtain your goal.

Maybe you need financial support so that you and your child or children can afford the necessities of life? Maybe your a father who wants to do your part to provide for your child or children?  Maybe you need help with a father who hasn’t upheld his responsibilities for support, custody and visitation?

We are ready to step in to protect your parental rights and  the best interests of your child or children. We can help you obtain financial support, or hold an absent or non-compliant father responsible for nonpayment. We also help fathers acquire the right to provide the financial support and love that your child or children needs.

Our law firm can provide you and your child with effective legal strategies to ensure that your child receives the care and support that he or she deserves. Contact our attorneys today to arrange an initial consultation and case review.