Federal Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

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Federal drug crimes can carry much heavier penalties and more long-term consequences than state drug charges. It is imperative to have a skilled and knowledgeable defense attorney in your corner who has represented individuals in federal courts before. The process, investigations and charging procedures are all different from that of state courts. You can put your trust in Antonietti & Associates to build a solid defense and fight to protect your rights.

Contact our federal drug crime defense law firm for an initial consultation with a respected attorney. Our founder, Charles E. Antonietti, brings over 30 years of criminal defense experience to the table and knows how to advocate for you in the federal court system.

A Dedicated Attorney Fighting Possession, Trafficking and All Other Federal Drug Crimes

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) do not take federal drug crimes lightly. Federal prosecutors often seek the maximum penalties for these types of charges, especially when a charge involves crossing state lines. At our law firm, we have the skills and defense strategies required to properly protect your interests no matter what drugs are involved, including cocaine, heroin, meth and marijuana.

We are also skilled at defending individuals when their drug charges involve the possession of a weapon. This can be seen as an aggravating factor, making it all the more important to have a proven lawyer by your side.

Get Help Prior to Being Charged

Federal cases usually involve an intense investigation by the government and the prosecution. If you feel as though you are being investigated for federal drug crimes, do not wait until it is too late. Consult with a federal drug crime defense lawyer today.

Our skilled and proven team will begin building a defense strategy for you immediately. Charles E. Antonietti is a former criminal prosecutor, and therefore, knows how aggressively the opposition will be pursuing your charges. We will combat that investigation vigorously and fight to protect your interests at every turn.

Contact a Federal Drug Possession Defense Attorney

If you have questions regarding federal drug trafficking charges, Call or email us today for help! We can meet you in jail, at the police station or make evening appointments by request.