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At Antonietti Law, we provide aggressive and focused drug trafficking defense to the Greater Chicago area. As a former prosecutor, Charles E. Antonietti has a unique understanding of how the other side will build its claims against you. You can rely on his over 30 years of criminal defense experience to build a strong case against your charges.

If you have questions regarding drug conspiracy or drug sale charges, contact Antonietti Law for a consultation. We will meet you at jail, the police station or can make evening appointments by request.

Defending Individuals With Drug Sale Arrests

Our firm has been assisting those charged with drug dealing crimes since 1995. We have a reputation for success and are respected for our courtroom advocacy. Whether you have been charged with drug sale crimes involving cocaine, heroin, marijuana or other illegal substances, you can rely on us to fight your charges at every turn.

We are skilled negotiators who will work to see that your charges are dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense, such as drug possession. If the prosecutors are unwilling to come to terms that favor your interests, we will take your case to court and litigate aggressively in front of a judge and jury.

Building Up Your Defense With Thorough Investigations

Depending on the facts of your case, there are many criminal defense strategies that we can utilize to protect your rights. By investigating exactly how the police obtained search warrants, what processes they followed and all other areas of your case, we are able to poke holes in the prosecution’s charges.

We also have an extensive understanding of how to fight traffic stops when drugs are found in your vehicle. No matter what situation arises, we are fully prepared to handle it.

Contact a Drug Trafficking & Drug Sale Attorney

If you have been charged with drug trafficking or the sale of drugs, do not wait to consult with an experienced lawyer.