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A felony criminal conviction in state or federal court can effectively end your life. You could spend the rest of it behind bars. Your family could be saddled with the substantial fines you incurred. You would be left with a criminal record, severely limiting your freedoms upon your release. Probation or parole conditions would govern your every move. Damage to your reputation could hamper your chances at future employment.

Give yourself every chance of avoiding these harsh penalties by contacting our Antonietti & Associates founder, criminal defense attorney Charles E. Antonietti, to discuss your pending criminal law matter. He is a former Cook County prosecutor who has handled hundreds of cases and possesses in-depth knowledge of state and federal courts.

We offer a free phone consultation. Mr. Antonietti can arrange to meet with you at a police station or jail cell if necessary. Call NOW for help!

Speak with Antonietti Law immediately if you have been arrested for one of these serious state or federal crimes:

Charles E. Antonietti is thorough in his investigation of the charges against you. He looks carefully for any signs of police having overstepped their bounds in arresting you, such as a coerced confession, planting of evidence or illegal search and seizure in drug cases.

As a former prosecutor, Charles E. Antonietti knows how prosecutors think. He can skillfully negotiate with them to try to win a reduction or dismissal of charges, strike a plea bargain or anticipate their strategies at trial. He will use any fact, piece of evidence or expert witness testimony that supports your version of events before a judge and jury.

If your outcome isn’t what you hoped it would be, Charles E. Antonietti may consider assisting you with a motion for a new trial or a criminal appeal of your verdict and sentence. He has participated in almost 30 appeals during his 20-plus years of experience.

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